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Speaking First: Our brand, spanking new title.

Speaking First: Our brand, spanking new title.

Big news klaxon!

We’re delighted to announce the first Prosperity Education book by our new author Luis Porras Wadley.

Luis took time out from his busy schedule as Director of Keep Smiling English in Granada, Spain, to write our new title Speaking First.

This collection of original tests has been written to closely replicate the Cambridge exam experience, and has undergone rigorous expert review.

It comprises:

  • ten Speaking tests (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)

  • photocopiable task booklets

  • model answers with examiner comments

  • mark sheets

Luis told us:

As a seasoned English teacher, I have struggled in the past to find top quality resources to carry out mock Speaking tests with my students in class: either they were incomplete, unduly pricey or not suited to the expected level of a B2 First candidate.

That was mainly what pushed me to start writing this book and, fortunately, Tom and the rest of the team at Prosperity Education were there to guide me through every step of the way.

The result, I believe, is outstanding and it has been a truly enriching experience. I can only be thankful for Prosperity Education's hard work and continued support.

Thanks Luis! But a publisher is nothing without authors. Do you have a book you’d like us to consider publishing? Click on our big friendly button to find out how.

Download free Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Listening resources

FCE Academy Listening is an app for students preparing for the listening section of the Cambridge English B2 First (FCE) Listening examination. It contains 170 minutes of audio, ten exam-style tests with 200 individual assessments. 

One whole test, including audio questions and answers (Parts 1-4), and transcripts, is freely available to download directly from our website

We're also giving away free Cambridge Use of English (B2 First and C1 Advanced) resources. Follow the buttons on the website. 




5 stars * * * * *


It’s always heartening to wake up to a great new review of one of our apps. This time, a user in Spain (we’re guessing) has left us some lovely comments about FCE Academy Listening.

Muy buena aplicacion para practicar los dificiles "listening" del First. Tras probarla me convencio comprar el resto de ejercicios. Puedes practicar sus diferentes ejercicios que salen en el examen. Tenia panico a los listenings y la tipologia de sus respuestas y gracias a esta Ap ahora los puedo afrontar con mas normalidad y sangre fria...el secreto es practicarlos una y otra vez... Agradezco mucho que haya este tipo de Apps para los que nos preparamos al First.

We’ve translated this:

Very good application to practice the difficult First Listening test. After trying the app, I decided to buy the rest of the exercises. You can practise all of the different exercises that you will encounter in the exam. I used to panic about the listening test, but thanks to this app I can now face them and keep my cool ... the secret is to practise them again and again ... I am very grateful that there are apps like this to help us prepare for the First.

Thanks very much Oscar!

You can read more of our reviews here.

Introducing the Cambridge Use of English and Listening practice books

Replica exam-practice papers for home study and classroom exercises.

We are proud to reveal the first four practice books in our Cambridge exams series, available to buy from Amazon and selected retailers.

These editions of sample tests have been written to closely replicate the Cambridge-exam experience and have undergone rigorous expert and peer review.

The content has been selected from the critically acclaimed FCE Academy, FCE Academy Listening and CAE Academy apps.

Use of English: Ten practice tests for the Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced

Each of these three volumes comprises ten tests, 40 texts, 300 individual assessments with answer keys, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme, providing a large bank of high-quality practice material for students preparing for their Cambridge exams. Each print-ready test covers:

  • Part 1: Multiple choice cloze

  • Part 2: Open cloze

  • Part 3: Word formation

  • Part 4: Key word transformations

Listening First: Ten practice tests for the Cambridge B2 First

This volume comprises ten B2 First Listening tests, 300 individual assessments with answer keys, audio transcripts, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme. Each book comprises:

  • Downloadable audio (170 minutes)

  • Complete audio transcripts

  • Answer keys

  • Exam-styled tests

About the author

Michael Macdonald qualified as a teacher in Cambridge and currently lives in Madrid, where he is Director of Studies for Prosperity English, an English-language teaching academy focused on preparing candidates for Cambridge examinations, such as the B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) and the Cambridge English C2 Proficiency (CPE).

For more information, visit our books webpage.

The Great App Giveaway


As we approach our 100,000th download, we will be giving away 100 apps. 

The rules are very simple:

1. Like and follow us on Facebook at @prosperity education

Over the next few weeks, we will randomly select 100 followers and will private message each person to ask which Academy app they’d like to receive. 

By following us on Facebook you will have access to regular English-language tips, free Cambridge exam Use of English and Listening resources, and occasional English-language learning articles of interest. 

You can read more about the Cambridge-exam materials we publish here.

Good luck!

Best user review of 2019 so far ...

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 14.23.04.png

With 84,000+ downloads of our Academy apps to date, we are always pleased to receive positive reviews, but this one has really made our days.

The user first reviewed their purchase last year, when they were preparing for the CAE. They’ve recently updated that 5-star review to let us know that they’ve passed their exam! We’re delighted for them … and pretty pleased with ourselves, too.

You can read hundreds of glowing user reviews on our website, and read more about our critically acclaimed Cambridge-exam apps and books here.

To infinity and beyond!

Prosperity Education is recruiting authors for 2019


Are you an ELT teacher with a passion for creating new resources? Do you think you’ve got a book in you? Then get in touch. Prosperity Education is recruiting authors for 2019.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your book will be reviewed and edited by a professional team (45 years’ of combined publishing and teaching experience).

  • We will design the text, create a compelling cover, and write blurbs.

  • We will get your book onto Amazon as a print-on-demand title and (if it suits the format) an ebook for Kindle.

  • We will advertise the book within Amazon and, if appropriate, Google Ads and Facebook.

  • You will be able to buy author copies from us at cost (usually around €1.90) and sell them yourself at the price you choose.

  • A whopping 50% net royalty rate, which we think is probably the best in the industry. For example, your book retails for €20 on Amazon. Amazon takes a royalty of 40% (€8) and maybe €3 to cover printing. Of the remainder, we pay you €4.50. We cover advertising costs out of our share.

Most of all, you could be seeing your name on the cover of a book by the end of 2019.

This is not vanity publishing. We don’t want any money from you - it’s your words that interest us. At the same time, we’re selective: we will only invest our time in a project we believe in.

What’s in it for us?

After three years in business, we have reached the point where we need to expand the range of titles we publish. This is where you come in!

What we’re looking for:

  • Revision guides

  • Exam practice

  • Lesson planning

  • IELTS, Cambridge, Michigan or other exams

  • Professional English qualifications

  • Experienced teachers with good ideas and (preferably) a good online presence

  • Completed books, or

  • Just an idea, combined with the commitment and drive to deliver a manuscript

What we’re not looking for:

  • Coursebooks

  • Fiction or readers

  • Anything requiring complex permissions (texts or photos/artworks which you do not own)

Interested? Fill in this short form…

As featured in El Pais ...


Luis Porras Wadley, director of the established KSE Academy in Granada, Spain, was recently interviewed by the Spanish newspaper El Pais and spoke most favourably about our B2 First app FCE Academy.

In the article entitled ‘Is it possible to pass the FCE without going to class?’ (the answer is ‘no’, in case you were wondering), Luis, an experienced tutor of Cambridge-exam candidates, suggested three important ways in which you can improve your English language skills:

  1. “You have to dedicate at least 5 hours per week, preferably spread out over several days.

  2. Ensure you can avail of all possible stimulations: read listen and speak in all situations.

  3. Have an active attitude: practise constantly, analyse what you do and keep track of your progress.”

You can read the full El Pais article here.

Luis goes on, when discussing how best to prepare for the Use of English section of the Cambridge B2 First exam, to recommend the FCE Academy app.

We’re enormously proud of this endorsement in a reputable newspaper such as El Pais, as it means the word is spreading. With 60,000 downloads made of our Academy apps to date, and great interest in our recently published, first print book, Cambridge B2 First: Use of English practice tests, we are feeling good about ourselves and all that we do.

Visit our website to learn more about this.

To infinity and beyond!

Hot off the press ... the Cambridge B2 First: Use of English practice book


We are delighted to announce the publication of our first print book, available to buy from Amazon.

In response to popular demand, this edition of sample tests has been produced to closely replicate the Cambridge exam experience, and has undergone rigorous expert and peer review. It comprises ten Use of English tests, 40 texts, 300 individual assessments with answer keys, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme, providing a large bank of high-quality practice material for students preparing for the B2 First.

The content, which comes from the FCE Academy and FCE Academy for schools apps, has been expertly written and reviewed independently by a Cambridge ESOL examiner. 

Author Michael Macdonald is Director of Studies for Prosperity English Madrid, an English-language teaching academy focused on preparing candidates of Cambridge examinations, such as the B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) and the Cambridge English C2 Proficiency (CPE).

View the product page for more information.

A lovely review

It's always heartening to get a good review on Google Play, but this one really made our days:

I’ve passed the CAE and I’m here to thank you for this marvelous app!! Some weeks before the exam I would practise your exercises as much as I could. It was REALLY HELPFUL!!

How great is that!

If you'd like us to help us pass your CAE, you can try our app for free at Google Play or iTunes.

Coming soon ... B2 First Use of English practice tests: teacher's edition

Hot on the heels of our latest mobile app, FCE Academy Listening, we are pleased to announce the imminent publication of our first book, a printable teacher's resource containing loads of Cambridge B2 First Use of English practice tests. 

Written by the Academy author, Michael Macdonald, the resource features ten complete exams (360 assessments) covering Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) exam. 

The tests closely match the Cambridge exam, both in presentation and the quality of the assessment content, and are accompanied by answer keys and mark schemes.   

Here's a spread from the latest page proofs.

More information to follow ... 

Artboard 1.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 22.50.12.png

FCE Academy Listening – available now!

Twitter post - FCE Academy.png

The new Cambridge English B2 First (FCE) Listening app from Prosperity Education, purveyors of world-class English Language revision apps, available now on Google Play and the AppStore.

Download the FREE Lite version and give it a try! 

  • Listening Parts 1–4
  • 200 B2 First assessments
  • 10 bespoke practice tests
  • Repetitive self-assessment
  • Expert-written content 
  • Tested by FCE teachers
  • No internet access required 
  • Clean visual interface
  • No ads!

Get the full Android version direct from this website at a 10% discount ...

Get your advance Android copy of FCE Academy Listening

Artboard 1.png

Ahead of official publication of FCE Academy Listening, we are pleased to invite Android users to download the new app directly from our website, availing of a 10% discount in the process. To do this, visit our Shop page

The free Lite version of the app will be available to download from Google Play and the Appstore soon, and we will of course keep you informed...

To infinity and beyond!





The new names for the Cambridge English Qualifications

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.56.49.png

The team over at Cambridge Assessment English has unveiled the new titles for their range of exams. As you can see from the list below, the main difference is that they have added the CEFR level.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a way of describing language ability in six steps, from A1 for complete beginners to C2, which describes someone who has mastered the language.

Cambridge English Qualifications Schools

New style name

Pre A1 Starters
A1 Movers
A2 Flyers
A2 Key for Schools
B1 Preliminary for Schools
B2 First for Schools
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

Old style name

Starters (YLE Starters) 
Movers (YLE Movers) 
Flyers (YLE Flyers) 
Key for Schools
Preliminary for Schools
First for Schools
Advanced (CAE) 
Proficiency (CPE) 

Cambridge English Qualifications General and higher education

New style name

A2 Key
B1 Preliminary
B2 First
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

Old style name

Key (KET) 
Preliminary (PET) 
First (FCE) 
Advanced (CAE) 
Proficiency (CPE) 

So what does this mean for our apps FCE Academy and CAE Academy? Do we rebrand straight away, or do we keep the old name for the time being because this is what people will be searching for?

The jury is still out...